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album - then, now & forever


Growing up and religiously hearing the voices of Sam Cooke, Teddy Pendergrass, Barry
White, Tom Jones and others in our home, it’s no surprise that I tend to unknowingly
incorporate their styles each time I pick up a microphone.

For the longest while my good friends and the fans of my music have been asking me to
record an album of cover songs like the ones I usually do when I perform live. So I
decided the time was right to follow the footstep of many of my music idols who
remade so many great special songs.

So this is more than an honour to remake these classics and hopefully this album will
appease my many loyal and new supporters. I strongly believe that the quality and
standard of the finished product is based on who you choose to work with and I was
very fortunate to have collaborated with some of the most talented music minds on this


I am so grateful to Osbourne “Ifield” Joseph for his invaluable contribution, ensuring
that the music and vocals were intact and that we did justice to these timeless songs.
Thank you my brother for working those late hours with me and bringing out the best of
Tony Anthony vocally.

The crisp, authentic finishing sound on this album is the genius work of Willie Lindo and
Kashief Lindo. Their mixing and mastering expertise is evident on every track they
worked on.

Micheal Tran and Heather Aspinall, Graphics. Danae Peart, Photography. Thanks for
your efforts in making sure the album’s presentation is equally amazing as the music.
To all my dedicated fans and supporters, thank you for persuading me to record an
album of this nature. My creativity thrives on your appreciation, your support and
positive reception of my music; you are and will always be my inspiration. The songs on
this album were hits when they were first released, they are still popular today and they
will be hits in many years to come.
Please enjoy “Then, Now & Forever– Tony Anthony