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album - million chance


With conviction, strength, faith and the belief that when the creator is at the helm
anything is possible; is the basis by which this album came to realization.

I dedicate this album to my departed mother Veronica Bennett whose strength, love and enthusiasm I have epitomize and use as a template to guide the way I live.

So many people contributed to the creation of this album, my eight siblings and my
children’s love and support have been steadfast and their confidence in me kept me


Danny “Maestro” Lee, Nadera Jackson, Patrick Williams and Bobby Crisas have all been
instrumental in the making and completion of this project. Even when finishing this
album on time seemed far-fetched you guys supported me physically, mentally and
financially, because this project was important to you as it was to me.

To all my fans, old and new, thank you so much for embracing my music and giving me
the inspiration to continuing utilizing this blessing bestowed to me by the divine.

I truly hope that the songs on this album will help to quench everyone’s musical thirst. I am grateful for your love and continued support.
Please enjoy this13 originals and 2 remade classics on this 15 tracks “Million Chance” album. —-Tony Anthony.